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Hotel La Funtana

Hotel La Funtana

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21/09/2019 28/09/2019

Hotel La Funtana

7-Night Package
Sardatur Holidays

The package includes:

  • Private Arrival Transfer
  • Free Breakfast
  • Private Departure Transfer

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Hotel La Funtana


Stripped of excess luxury and indulgence, the Hotel La Funtana</strong> instead focuses on providing a warm, intimate experience that is truly Italian.

The hotel is located at the northernmost tip of Sardinia, amidst lush hills and an open sky. The exterior creates an immediate impression of an easy intimacy that you can expect. The walls are painted soft white with high arcs supporting the ground level and a brown-tiled roof reminiscent of an antique village house.

There are 53 guestrooms</strong> all of which are characterized by large windows that open to pleasant views. Each room is richly decorated with designs and textiles that bear the signature of local Sardinia. The interiors carry pleasant pastel hues to elevate your level of comfort. All rooms have their own private balcony where guests can lounge around during cool evenings or simply unwind with a good book or a glass of good wine.   

 The charm of the boutique hotel truly comes alive in its main restaurant where a large open space welcomes foodies from all over the region and the world. The purpose behind the restaurant is to treat all guests who eat there as one big family enjoying the best Italian and international foods. The local delicacies prepared by the traditional chefs are a must try. 

Hotel La Funtana is a rare gem of the hospitality sector where authentic tastes, authentic culture, and authentic service are placed ahead of flashy style. 


Hotel La Funtana
Hotel La Funtana