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Hotel Arathena

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Hotel Arathena
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San Pantaleo is a fraction of the town of Olbia, in the province of Sassari, and stands perched on the mountains, in the massif of Cugnana, from where it dominates the Costa Smeralda. Born in the early nineteenth century around a small manor, he saw a notable demographic development in 1894 following the concession of the parish by the bishop of Ampurias and Tempio Antonio Contini. Already a fraction of Nuchis, in 1939, at the same time as the aggregation of this municipality in Tempio Pausania, it became a hamlet of Terranova Pausania, which in the same year took the name of Olbia. In recent decades, with the tourist development of Costa Smeralda, there has been a growing demographic and urban development of San Panteleo, which has radically changed its original appearance. A pro-autonomous committee has been active in San Pantaleo for years. In August 1989, 13 people died in a violent fire.
Создано: среда, 12 июня 2019 г. - Отправление: суббота, 21 сентября 2019 г.
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Hotel Arathena

7-Night Package

The best part about Hotel Arathena is that it stays close to its local roots. Sitting on a sloping, verdant hill, the boutique property celebrates the unique character of its setting – the picturesque village of San Pantaleo in Sardinia.

The exterior of the hotel mirrors the unique houses of the village: stone walls coloured in pastel peach, terraced floors, slanting roofs covered in brown tiles. The architecture mirrors the natural slope of San Pantaleo. Step into the reception, and you will feel as if you have entered a spacious, cool cavern. The same effect is recreated in all of the 35 guestrooms.

Each room feels like your own private getaway. The décor takes inspiration from the surrounding landscape with wooden motifs that highlight the furniture and the upholstery. Peek out of the window and the beautiful cascading hills of the region greet you. 

The hotel is located close to the village. A short ride will take you to local cafes, open air markets, and flea markets where you can spot local sculptors selling traditional wares. Since the hills are rich with inspiration, it has drawn many an artist to its fold. The scenery may even motivate you to undertake a creative pursuit or two.  

Hotel Arathena is a traditional hotel steeped in the culture of the region. It offers a convenient point from where you can travel and explore the wooded region.  

цена на человека откуда
Based on 2 adults
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The package includes:

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  • Free Breakfast
  • Private Departure Transfer

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Hotel Arathena

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