Oristano, South Sardinia, Italy

Is Benas Country Lodge

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Oristano is an Italian city and comune, capital of the Province of Oristano, in the central-western part of the island of Sardinia, Italy. It is located in the northern part of Campidano plain. MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS • The Tower of St. Christophoros, otherwise known as Tower of Mariano II, Torrione (""Big Tower"") of Portixedda. • St. Mary's Cathedral. • The Church of St. Francis of Assisi. • The Franciscan church of Santa Chiara. • The Church and cloister of the Carmine is one of the best examples of Baroque-Roccoco architecture in Oristano. • The Church of Saint Sebastian is the only medieval extramural church. • The Church of Saint Dominic (San Domenico)
Создано: среда, 12 июня 2019 г. - Отправление: четверг, 27 июня 2019 г.
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Is Benas Country Lodge

7-Night Package

A charming, meditative retreat set amidst a lush carpet of greenery, the Is Benas Country Lodge brings to you the unique charms of rural Italy.

The property contains 18 exclusive rooms that reflect the simplicity as well as the sophistication of the region – Sardinia. The spacious interiors exhibit a minimalist décor with textured walls, pastel cupboards and drawers, and plush drapes. The minimalism of the rooms is well complemented with the luxurious upholstery that elevates the level of comfort and warmth.


The simplicity of the rooms carries forward to the property’s exterior as well. The well-manicured extensive lawns lead to a cool blue swimming pool where you can take a dip or simply relax on the chairs kept by the water. 

Those with a sense of adventure can take a short drive to any one of the unspoilt beaches that sit close to the property. There are a plethora of water-sports waiting for you there: windsurfing, catamaran, sailing, pedalo, and snorkelling.

If leisure is more your cup of tea, you can visit the spa town of Fordongianus and pamper yourself with some luxurious messages and stress-relieving spa treatments.

The Is Benas Country Lodge is dedicated towards a recreating an authentic Italian experience that is a true reflection of the countryside. Life here is often simple, stress-free, with a touch of luxury and sophistication. The lodge is very much a tranquil getaway from the usual tourist trail. 

цена на человека откуда
Based on 2 adults
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The package includes:

  • Private Arrival Transfer
  • Free Breakfast and Dinner
  • Private Departure Transfer

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Is Benas Country Lodge

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