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Arbatax Park Resort - Hotel Cottage

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Arbatax Park Resort - Hotel Cottage
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Arbatax is one of the postcards of Sardinia thanks to its spectacular red rocks (rocce rosse), composed of the mineral porfidio, and which form a palette of colors with the tonalities that it is charged throughout the day. Another of the silhouettes of Arbatax is the one always present in the whole Sardinian coast of the Spanish tower, which exercises with authority of lighthouse of the physiognomy of the city. To bathe we can choose the beaches of Scoglius Arrubius, a cove of pebbles, or that of Orris that has a fine sand. Barì Sardo is outside of Arbatax. The increase in tourism has allowed Arbatax and specifically the center of Porto Frailis to have registered an enormous urban growth, with resorts, hotels, restaurants and business activities in vacations for all tastes.
Создано: среда, 12 июня 2019 г. - Отправление: суббота, 21 сентября 2019 г.
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Arbatax Park Resort - Hotel Cottage

7-Night Package

Nestled on the edge of the Capo Bellavista peninsula, the Arbatax Park Resort opens to stunning views of the central eastern coastline of Sardinia

The resort is located in the Ogliastra region that is bordered by sea on one side and Mediterranean cliffs on the other side. The property covers 60 wide hectares of lush greenery, which is home to the local flora and fauna. Take a stroll and you may come across wild sheep, boars, horses and herds of deer.

The focal point of the premium resort is the Bellavista Wellness Thalasso and Spa Centre that sits right in the middle of the 76 cottages. The spa and wellness centre occupy a good chunk of space, offering you the more than enough reasons to pamper yourself. There are Turkish baths, saunas, whirlpools, waterfalls, salt or fresh water basins, plus massages and beauty treatments.

Leisure is best paired with joyful activity and entertainment. The resort offers a schedule full of exciting happenings that you can partake in: From cinema under the stars to cabaret to a piano bar…the good times never end here.

Think of the Arbatax Park Resort as your own private getaway to a peaceful sanctuary set near the open ocean.  

цена на человека откуда
Based on 2 adults
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The package includes:

  • Private Arrival Transfer
  • Free Breakfast and Dinner
  • Private Departure Transfer

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Arbatax Park Resort - Hotel Cottage

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